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[22 Apr 2006|09:43am]


I model for a site http://www.fuckforforest.com, which is an alternative environmental organisation aimed at both collecting money to help save the rainforest and at raising awareness of how rapidly the rainforest is being destroyed.

I have just created an lj community for the site, to provide a forum for people to discuss subjects related to it (e.g. the rainforest), and also to promote the site itself.

It would be wonderful if you guys would check it out!

fuckforforest community
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FFF [19 Apr 2006|10:06pm]


This is an unusual way of saving the rainforest, but there is a website which saves the world with sexuality: www.fuckforforest.com. I model on there, so go and check out the site, it is fantastic!
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[22 Oct 2005|03:28pm]

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Hello! Welcome to Sally Saves the World, a community for girls and women (you can still join if you're a boy XP) dedicated to saving the environment--the trees, the water, the animals, even us homo sapiens. This is a place where you can post your stories of times you helped the environment, tips for helping the environment, info on new events, et cetera, et cetera...basically, anything to do with our humble biosphere.

Go to this site to save 11.4 square meters of rainforest each day: http://therainforestsite.com

Book for November: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Read it, and we can discuss it and its implications inside the community.

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